Black & White Gestalts

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Alter Ego

Freud's Castration Complex

Listening to Vinyl

Clutch is a Lovely Thing

Your ID Please

Crow's Nest

Being Toilet Trained in a High Tech World

Fool's Way

School Can Be Fun

The Mechanics of Sexual Adventure

Mercy on the Highway

A Severed Heart

Zero Sum Game

Motion Study #4

Caught in a Fish Bowl

Crows Stealing a Hat

Mr. Canteen-man Having a Good Smoke


An Attempt To Be Symmetrical

Lobster in the Center


Nose Pinch

A Human Necessity

A Squid is Not a Metaphor

Insects in a Mechanical World

Love Our Juice


The Maze

Busy Day



Motor Skills


A Way to Use My Hand

Trying to Control My Anger Over My Clumsiness

The Snozzle

Morning Ablutions

Circuitry #1

Mask of Deception

Remembering My Escape to the Movies

Motion in Metal and Wire

Reaching Out Over the Air

Movement #3


Pipe-man's Vision

Motion on Paint Tray


Which Key Opens My Door of Perception?

Child's Play

Pipe-man's Brain Circuitry

Sinus Problem

At the Dentist's Office

Curves and Straight Lines

Some Days Just Fall in Place

Ants are Everywhere!

Spring Day

Left Handed and Imprisoned in Mechanical World

Parrot in Mechanical Jungle

The Clown's Question

Born Without Ego

Retinal Rods

Cutting Barbed Wire on a Sunny Day

Miracle of the Zipper

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